Steel and brass 

Brass and steel windows and doors

2K’s brass and steel windows and doors are manufactured in New Zealand using qulaity materials sullied by Secco Sistemi, the Italian brand with over sixty years of in the creation of galvanised steel, stainless steel, corten steel and brass window, door and façade systems. 

Their stunning range offers a unique array of options for even the most challenging homes

Brass and corten steels develop a patina on their surface, taking on colours and shades to evoke the passing of time. Warm colours and rough, porous surfaces: our high-performance corten steel and brass window and door systems are stunning and exclusive.

steel windows frames

Steel window systems

Secco Sistemi uses corten steel in the production of fixtures, profiles available in their 12 product lines with the finish and chromatic effect of your choice.

Brass window systems

The colour, shine and resistance to corrosion make brass the architectural solution in both old and new buildings, expressing luxury and tradition. The natural oxidation provides a level of self-protection that makes brass ideal for use in challenging environmental conditions, such as coastal builds. Secco brass window and door systems are available in both burnished and gloss finishes.

Window systems for better living

All Secco brass and steel windows and doors can be fitted with thermal break technology to meet the highest energy performance standards and provide modern comfort in older homes.