Aluminium Windows

At 2K, our expertise in thermally broken aluminium windows encompass a diverse range of solutions tailored for the New Zealand market. From stylish new aluminium windows that breathe new life into your property to versatile aluminium fixed window options, our selection caters to every design preference and functional requirement. We understand the importance of having windows that not only complement the aesthetic of your home or business but also withstand the test of time and the varied NZ climate.

Quality Aluminium Fixed Windows & More

In addition to offering a wide selection of windows, our aluminium window services are designed to provide comprehensive support throughout the decision-making and installation process. We focus on understanding your specific needs, whether for new construction or renovation projects, to recommend the most suitable aluminium windows. Our team of experts is committed to delivering solutions that balance looks and performance, ensuring your investment enhances both the value and comfort of your property. 

Serving customers across NZ, 2K is dedicated to delivering aluminium fixed window options and more, all characterised by quality, durability, and style. We leverage advanced technology and high-grade materials to craft windows that offer optimal insulation, security, and low maintenance for our clients. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing windows or are in the market for new aluminium windows, our professional team is here to guide you through every step, ensuring a seamless experience from consultation to installation.

Fixed Windows

Thermeco’s aluminium fixed windows are a statement of elegance and efficiency. Designed to meet the highest standards of energy efficiency, our fixed windows come with advanced thermal break options, ensuring your space remains comfortable year-round while minimising environmental impact.


Experience unmatched versatility with Thermeco’s outward opening windows. Our comprehensive system includes high-performance seals and thermal break profiles, ensuring superior thermal and acoustic insulation. Available in a variety of shapes and styles, including rectangular, shaped, or curved designs, these windows can be tailored with an array of glazing bead styles to perfectly match your aesthetic preferences.


Thermeco’s inward opening windows offer a fusion of functionality and design flexibility. Like our outward opening models, they come equipped with seals and thermal break profiles for optimal performance. Whether you choose rectangular, shaped, or curved configurations, all our windows support double glazing for enhanced energy efficiency and comfort. Customise your selection with our diverse glazing bead styles.

Sliding System

Our Sliding Systems epitomise the blend of minimalist design and maximum performance. The slender frame sections do not compromise on energy-saving capabilities, supporting thick triple glazing for the best in thermal, acoustic, and safety standards. Ideal for sustainable designs, these sliding systems open up new possibilities for eco-conscious living and working spaces.

3D Cross Sections


Thermeco EC115TB

Enjoy more of the things you love with less visible obstruction. Designed to blur the line between what is inside the comfort of your home and your outside area, the Slimline sliding doors system will change the way you live and entertain. Designed with energy efficiency in mind, the Slimline does not compromise on aesthetics and functionality by offering a wide array of opening configurations. Let all the light you want enter your home without draining your budget artificially heating or cooling your dwelling and saving the environment.

3D Cross Sections

Thermeco EC65TB

EC65TB designed to meet the highest energy rating requirements and offering superior thermal performance for the most demanding architectural projects no matter where the location is in Australia. Thermally broken systems have been designed for improved energy effi ciency. Our commitment to environmentally sustainable solutions delivers you greater comfort living and increased savings in your heating and cooling costs.

3D Cross Sections

Thermeco EC55TB

Thermeco’s Thermally Broken bi-fold solution is a perfect way to connect and enhance the inside living and outside entertaining areas.

3D Cross Sections

Minimal windows for maximum view. Get an unhindered view of the world with virtually frameless large-scale window and sliding door systems.

Experience the Future of Architecture with KELLER minimal windows®. Transforming spaces with sleek, nearly frameless fixed glass and sliding windows, our innovative designs redefine the boundaries of modern living. With heights reaching up to four meters, our high-scale windows and sliding doors open up possibilities for expansive, light-filled interiors, enabling contemporary, open living concepts that seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces. Welcome to a new era of architectural excellence with KELLER minimal windows®.