Steel Windows

2K is at the forefront of designing and installing premium steel windows and steel window systems for the discerning New Zealand market. Our windows not only provide structural strength and durability but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of any residential or commercial property. Made with precision-engineered steel, our windows offer the perfect balance of form and function, bringing a sleek, industrial look to your space while ensuring security and longevity.

Elevate Your Space with Steel Windows

Our steel windows are renowned for their slim profiles and large panes of glass, which maximise natural light and offer expansive views. This design philosophy ensures that each steel window integrates seamlessly into modern and traditional architectures, complementing any design style. Engineered to withstand NZ’s varied climatic conditions, our steel windows provide superior insulation and weather resistance, contributing to the energy efficiency of your home or building.

Choosing 2K for your steel windows in NZ means opting for a blend of beauty, durability, and performance. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every project we undertake, from the initial consultation to the final installation. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and provide custom solutions that meet their specific needs and preferences. Let 2K transform your property with steel windows that reflect the highest standards of quality and design, making every view a statement and every room a masterpiece.


Secco offers fixed windows in four materials: galvanized steel, stainless steel, corten steel, and brass. Various thermal break options are available to meet the specific performance needs of your project.


Secco’s outward opening windows and doors present a comprehensive system complete with seals, thermal break profiles, and a range of accompanying accessories. Available in rectangular, shaped, or curved designs, they are all compatible with double glazing. Choose from a variety of glazing bead styles to suit your preferences.


Secco provides a unified system for its inward opening windows and doors, featuring seals, thermal break profiles, and a complementary array of accessories. Available in rectangular, shaped, or curved configurations, all options are compatible with double glazing. Customize your windows and doors with a selection of glazing bead styles.

Sliding System

Secco’s EBE75 Sliding systems feature small frame sections combined with cutting-edge energy saving performance making them the perfect solution for sustainable design. The 85mm width of the profiles makes it possible to use thick triple glazing with the highest high thermal, acoustic and safety performance.

3D Cross Sections

OS2 Fixed Steel Window – Thermally Broken

OS2 doors are an integrated system with accessories, seals and thermal break profiles of 64/65mm (inward opening) or 65mm (outward opening) deep, allowing for a wide range of windows; rectangular, shaped or curved.

EBE 75 – Thermal Break System

The profiles of the thermal break system EBE 75 have a depth of 75 mm and can hold insulating glazing panels of up to 48 mm. The sashes and frames are coplanar both externally and internally.

EBE 75

EBE 65 – Thermally Broken

WebsiteIllustrations-18.-EBE65-FIXED-WINDOW.jpg Download Share Find a Fabricator Support Print EBE65 is an integrated system with accessories, seals and thermal break profiles 65 or 73.5mm deep allowing for a wide range of windows, rectangular, shaped or curved.

EBE 65