Window systems for better living

The border between the indoors and outdoors virtually dissolves. The large-scale minimal frameless window and sliding door systems of up to 4.5 metres in height create large, light-flooded living spaces.

Bring the outdoors to you.

frameless opening windows

Broaden your horizons

Open interiors and maximum daylight with unobstructed views to the outside are high on the wish list for today’s builds. Whether you’re renovating a villa, building a new house, apartment, holiday home or business complex, space and light are a top priority. 

Keller’s minimal windows® frameless design sliding windows have a slender profile and can be flush fitted to floor, ceiling and walls. 

With up to four-track sliding systems in combination with fixed leaves, interior or exterior corners, you can have frameless windows and doors with no distracting posts, and large, telescopic-like openings.

Life without borders

Maximum visual impact matched with advanced thermal and safety properties allow for entirely new possibilities in design. Get daylight and unobstructed views to the outside world by calling the team at 2K Limited on Auckland 09 259 4392. We install minimal frameless windows and door systems across New Zealand.